Clearing the Clutter

Have you ever looked around your house and felt overwhelmed with STUFF? I woke up a few months ago and felt totally claustrophobic....totally overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in this house! It was right after we got back from Mexico, so not sure if it was living out of a suitcase for a week...but I was just suddenly struck by how much we had and how little we actually need. We live in a small two bedroom house so there isn't much room to begin with. Throw in a crafty mama and two car/train/Lego loving boys and you have one full house! I have been on a mission since then to rid my house of clutter. I have been busy purging, organizing, and donating bags and bags of clothing and toys.

I was sick of the toys cluttering our living space so I decided to turn the boys' room into the toy room! First step was making over their closet. I emptied it out and organized their toys & games. We took off the closet doors so the boys could have easy access to their toys. I found these galvanized buckets at Dollorama and printed some free labels (can't find the link now!) onto magnetic paper. These work great! They are easy to carry around and the boys actually enjoy cleaning up because they make quite a racket when you throw stuff back in them...bonus!!

I bought this cute metal mailbox at Walmart and found the perfect spot for it between the closet and the door. I actually just slid it in place...for once the wonky walls of this old house worked in my favor!

We found a great loft bed for our oldest, so next up is organizing some toys under the bed and the room is done. It feels SO good to get organized and cross items off the to-do list! The next major clutter spot to tackle is my sewing is a disaster! You may be seeing a lot of organizing/redecorating posts around here ; )

Anyone else living in a small space? How do you deal with the toys?

{ Amy }


  1. That's so funny, I have the exact buckets and mailbox - Semay loves her mailbox and leave me little notes with the flag up - of course. Can't wait to see more!


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