Light Table

I found some light tables on Pinterest and had to make one for the boys. Such a fun, versatile activity! I found some great instructions HERE but ended up doing mine differently.

I made mine with a Snalis tote from Ikea and two push-on lights from the Dollar Store. The tote works great because the lid has a lip around the edge...making it perfect for adding paint or sand to the light table! The tote is frosted which seems to diffuse the light really well.

I didn't even bother to stick the light to the bottom. I just throw everything in and place the lights inside when we play with it! So simple!

We tried some finger painting and it was a huge hit! K spent a good 30 mins painting (that is huge for my active 3 year old!) I put the washable paint right on the lid and it washed off easily when we were done.

I rounded up some baby blocks and Tupperware and we gave those a try. D (15 months) loved it!

Next I want to try playing with some coloured sand! If you make one let me know how you use it...I would love to learn more ways to play with it!

{ Amy }


  1. This is AWESOME! Can't wait to make one - I bet the fall leaves will look beautiful on it:)

  2. Great idea! We will try that for sure : )


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