Sewn Paper Book Cover {Tutorial}

I recently joined a Mom's Bible study group and wanted a new Bible cover for the occasion. I made this one out of 12x12 scrapbook paper. I have a collection of pretty scrapbook paper that I never use because I don't scrapbook. I just can't help myself when I see it in the many gorgeous patterns ; ) I figured I would put some of my pretty paper to good use!

2 -12x12 scrapbook papers (depending on the size if your book)
Sewing machine

First measure the height of your book + 1/2 inch and cut your papers. Next measure the width of the spine of the book you wish to cover.

You will overlap the two pages to the width of your spine and sew together from top to bottom. I used a zig zag stitch.

Now line it up with the spine and fold your paper over the front and back covers and crease. You will sew the fold down by sewing all along the top and bottom. When sewing, I stayed as close to the edge of the paper as I could.

I am now staring down my bookcase dreaming of it filled with pretty coordinating books ; )



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