Adventures in Pattern Making

I have recently begun attempting to draft my own patterns. I generally sew my own designs, but I have never actually drawn out the patterns I come up with. Here is a vest pattern I am working on. This one for D is the first I have made. It turned out a bit big on him, but I like the style. I am making one for K next and want to add a lining to his. son is pushing a pink doll stroller.  It is actually one of the most fought over toys at our house!

Today is the first day of the Kids Clothes Week Challenge. Are you participating?? Come on and get sewing...just one hour a day of sewing for kids!  I worked on some upcycled pants for K today. What have you been working on lately?



  1. Nice job! I've only drafted a couple patterns and although successful, they took me a looong time. I've lazily been using store-bought patterns lately. :-)

  2. Thanks! is a long process. Still have some tweaking to do. I can draw it out, now to try and get it on the computer! The techy stuff scares me ; )


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