Day 1 - Self Portrait {30 Day Photography Challenge}

Here is my Self Portrait. I had so much fun playing with the camera today! I did some reading up online and learned a few things.

Here is a great article I found for DSLR beginners:
Photography Tutorial: A Quick Guide to Understanding Your DSLR Camera

I still have a tutorial to finish up...hoping to get it done this week. I am so sleep deprived I rarely have the energy/brain power after the kids are in bed to do anything but lay on the couch! Teething is my nemesis!! I don't even remember what it feels like to be rested....full nights sleep?? What is that?? I put the remote in the freezer the other day...yeah, I could use some sleep ; )

Hope you are all getting (a lot) more sleep than I am!



  1. That is a beautiful self portrait! (I will start tomorrow with my list) Sure hope you get some sleep, my goodness those teeth are taking their time. But soon they will be out and you will be sewing up a storm :) Can't wait to see the other photos!


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